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United States of America

Border countries: Canada, Mexico

The United States is involved in the non-international armed conflicts against the Islamic State group by undertaking airstrikes in Iraq and Syria. Due to the lack of consent of the Syrian government, the United States is also involved in the international armed conflict in Syria. The United States continues to be involved in the non-international armed conflicts in Afghanistan. Finally, the United States is also undertaking strikes against Islamist militants in Somalia, Pakistan, Libya and Yemen.

The United States is a party to a series of armed conflicts. For further information on who is considered a party to an armed conflict, see ‘contemporary challenges – multinational forces: who is a party to the conflict?’ in our classification section.





  • To some extent, the U.S. involvement in Afghanistan spills over into Pakistan when targeting individuals purportedly affiliated to the Afghan Taliban with drone strikes. Yet, not all the U.S. drone strikes in Pakistan can be linked to the non-international armed conflict in Afghanistan. Similarly, many U.S. drone strikes are not part of the existing non-international armed conflict in Pakistan and thus take place outside an armed conflict.




Last updated: Wednesday 22nd January 2020